My boyfriend can probably confirm this:

I love proofing people wrong. In this case, I talk about people that claim that they are not photogenic.


It is one of my passion to show that everyone can look great in photos - all it needs is a little guidance and a good photographer. Compared with my love for Copenhagen, I am happy to offer outdoor shooting experiences in this beautiful city for my clients.


I have gathered experience with not only outdoor, but many different kind shootings and know the typical Copenhagen hot spots as well as the hidden locations for a unique photo shooting.


I am working exclusively with non-professional models, so 99% of my clients have never been in front of a camera. I make sure to give all the guidance and support needed to have a great experience with a lot of photo memories for the future.


I am happy to create some memories with you and treasure those special moments in life. If you are looking for a family shooting or capturing your pregnancy - click on the "Book me" link and we find the right setup for your needs.


My name is Maike, I am German and I live in Copenhagen together with my Danish boyfriend Peter (he hates being photographed) and our African white belly hedgehog Hamilton (he doesn't mind the camera).

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